ALC Biz Launcher's Program

Upcoming Dates

Biz Launch Fall Session
Monday, September 12 from 4:00-5:30pm PT and will run through mid-December

Biz Launch Winter Session
Thursday, January 12th from 9-10:30am PT and will run through the end of March

Offered by Gina Halsted – ALC coach and women’s business coach

What:  A four month tele-class program designed to help you launch your Academic Life Coaching practice.  This class is for the person who wants to start their own coaching business but isn’t sure how to start or doesn’t want to do it alone.  In the first five weeks you’ll develop a simple, but effective  success plan that clarifies the path between where you are now and where you’d like to be in a couple of years.  You’ll move into action for the next two-three months, with group check-ins and one-on-one coaching sessions strategically sprinkled to provide accountability and support, helping you keep the momentum going!

Why:  For 24 weeks you’ve had the support and structure of the ALC training classes.  Once the classes have ended – now what? This program will give you the tools, tips, support and accountability you’ll need to start your own ALC business.  You will create a blueprint for your coaching practice and get clear on your vision, strategies and next steps to start your business.  You’ll work with a coach who has helped other entrepreneurs launch their successful businesses.  You’ll benefit from the community of other ALC coaches, share ideas, collaborate and know you’re not alone!  You’ll get valuable new perspectives, ideas and support.  And you’ll get accountability structures to help you move forward!

Here’s How we’ll do it:

  • 8 Live tele-classes (spread over 15 -16 weeks)
  • 5 One-on-one coaching sessions
  • A custom ALC coach’s workbook with:
    • Step-by-step exercises
    • List of resources
    • Recommended reading
    • Templates of flyers, letters and forms to get you going


Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll learn and do:

Before we start – Pre-class call

Before we begin the class you’ll have a 15 minute call with Gina to allow both of us to get clear on what you want to achieve from the class.


Week 1 – Class 1 – Set the Stage – Vision, Mission and Values

We’ll invest the time to get to know each other, design our alliance as a group, and understand the program.   You’ll learn about group and laser coaching, two coaching techniques we’ll use in the program.  And you’ll learn about the value of having a simple business plan and the importance of having Vision, Mission and Value statements for your business.  At the end of the class we’ll have time for open Q&A about anything to do with Academic Life Coaching.


  • Develop your Vision statement
  • Write your Mission statement
  • Create your Values statement
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 2 – Class 2 – How will you measure your business?

We’ll share learning/questions/ideas about your Vision, Mission and Value statements.  And you’ll learn about setting objectives for your business.  We’ll have time for Q&A about any aspect of Academic Life Coaching.


  • Develop your Objectives
  • Read about marketing funnel
  • Read about range of services
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 3 – Class 3 – How will you grow your business?

We’ll take time to review insights and learning from the development of your objectives.  Then we’ll shift our sights to Strategies – which is the discussion of how you will grow your coaching business.  We’ll brainstorm on various marketing ideas and techniques to stimulate your thinking about the possibilities.  We’ll take any questions you might have about ALC or your plan.


  • Develop your marketing strategies
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 4 – Class 4 – What actions need to be done?

After checking in on your objectives, we’ll get down to thinking about the plan and action items that will be important to growing your business.  We’ll focus on short and long term actions and develop Well Designed Actions for the immediate next steps.



  • Design your plans and well designed actions.
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 5 – Class 5 – Moving into Action

After debriefing about your homework, we’ll discuss what’s next for you.  We’ll design accountability systems to help you keep the momentum.  You’ll become clear on what support and connections you’ll need for each area of your business.  And we’ll have time for open Q&A.


  • Start taking action!
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 8: Class 6 – Accountability, Adjusting and continued Action

The next three classes are focused on helping you move forward on building your business, keep motivation and build momentum.  These classes are times to celebrate successes and regroup from setbacks.  We’ll explore what’s working and what’s not and why.  You’ll learn from each other and yourself.  We’ll regroup, redesign actions as appropriate and celebrate, all in the interest of keeping you moving ahead!


  • Continue your actions
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 11: Class 7 – More Accountability and Action

Another group session designed to provide accountability and a target for accomplishing your action items.


  • Continue your actions!
  • Coaching session with Gina


Week 14: Class 8 – Celebrate and design the future

Our final class provides another opportunity to celebrate, share and learn.  You’ll strategize on ways to sustain your momentum, excitement and energy.  You’ll design your sustainability plan, individually or as a group, to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.


  • Keep going!
  • Closing coaching session with Gina


Program Price – $795

More information and class dates can be found at


Gina can be reached at or 781.258.9085.