Life Coaching for Teens and Students

Helping students thrive and develop positive life skills

What is Academic Life Coaching?

The Academic Life Coaching Program is designed to help students thrive and develop positive life skills. The program is comprised of methods and concepts delivered by a trained and certified Academic Life Coach. Academic Life Coaching goes beyond youth mentoring or counseling by helping students understand how best to learn at school, be proactive, and exercise personal leadership. The skills that teens learn in the present have an exponential impact on their future. Learning these skills helps students avoid common pitfalls and can drastically influence the upward trajectory of personal fulfillment and success. Learn more about what life coaching is and how it can help your student here.

Our Results

Greater Well-Being
Increased Confidence
Improved GPA
Getting into 1 of their top 3 college choices
grades are not judgement

Learning and Motivation Styles

In the first segment, the Academic Life Coaching Program addresses the skills necessary to build a foundation for academic success. Students discover their learning style and go through exercises to help them cultivate emotional intelligence and useful study skills. Students gain confidence, and work on improving habits and memory. Students will also work to improve organization and create improved systems to handle stress, grades, and the college application process.

Core Life Coaching Skills

Learning how to take sustainable steps towards goals, identifying and changing perspectives, and aligning values with action all comprise the second part of the of the program. The Core Life Coaching skills section specifically trains students in the life coaching core skill set, as set out by the International Coach Federation.

Perspectives cycle
Future Self

Personal Leadership and Powerful Communication

The final segment of the program trains students in personal leadership and powerful communication skills. Students are coached through a process of formulating effective mission statements and designing personal leadership projects. By creating opportunities to step into leadership roles, they can effect positive change in their own peer groups, classrooms, families, and communities. For students who are thinking about he college application process, or who have already started it, this part of the program is extremely useful.

See What Other Parents are Saying

  • When I poke my head in [my son's] room and ask how he's doing, I'm noticing homework on the screen, with fewer Facebook sessions, and hardly any requests to play video games. Overall, he is becoming a more serious and self-regulating student since you started working with him. I think he is happier and likes the feeling of making academic progress.Thank you very much!"

    Parent of a High School Junior
  • You are so awesome. [My daughter] has been so upbeat and loves meeting with you.Thanks so much!

    Parent of a College Freshman
  • [My daughter] loves the time she spends with you... You are so good for her- she comes home energized!

    Parent of a High School Freshman
  • Not only did my daughter get into her dream school, but she learned so many useful skills. And she actually uses it! Thank you!

    Parent of a High School Senior
  • My son went from struggling in school to being excited and earning solid grades. Throughout the process, I could tell my son was enjoying himself and learning more. Once he got clear on what he wanted for his future, I could see his motivation improve. I highly recommend this program for other students.

    Parent of a High School Senior
  • Some of the immediate results we saw were increased confidence [in my son]. He became stronger in his own belief that he could actually do better. He became organized and focused. After the program was completed he has continued to use the tools he learned.

    Parent of a High School Sophomore
  • We knew the program was working when we saw a difference in the focus and effort. We no longer needed to "babysit" him and nag him to get things done.Before life coaching our son had no idea about how he learned. Once he was given the tools to understand how he learned he slowly started to make progress. Now when he starts to go back to his old ways he can correct himself and get back on track.

    Parent of a High School Sophomore
  • Yesterday when [my son] had free time, I made television and video games off limit; something I've done many times. However this time, [my son] picked up a book instead of fighting with me about it.

    Parent of a High School Freshman
  • Yesterday afternoon was the first time I've ever seen my son sprawled across the couch with his nose stuck in a book. He looked peaceful, the house felt peaceful, and I felt deep gratitude for the moment.

    Parent of a High School Freshman

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