HQ Team

John Andrew Williams

John is the founder of Academic Life Coaching. He is the author of five books, a speaker, and one of the lead trainers of Academic Life Coaching courses. He maintains his own academic life coaching practice of about 15 students and works directly with schools. He also leads in-person Essential coach training classes in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His personal twitter feed is @williamsjohn

Hayden Lee

Hayden is one of the lead trainers for Academic Life Coaching’s 1.0 Training Program. One of the first people to be trained by John, he has led several of his own classes and received rave reviews. He’s based out of Los Angeles. He also offers in-person Essential Life Coach Training programs in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Gina Halsted

Gina is based out of Boston, Massachusetts and runs the Business Launcher Class. She is also an expert mentor coach and offers mentor coaching packages as well as one-to-one life coaching. In her private life coaching practice, she focuses on parents, entrepreneurs, and students. Feedback on the Biz Launcher has been outstanding.

Amber Schlossmacher

Amber is responsible for enrollment and support for people interested in the Academic Life Coaching program. She also helps coordinate Academic Life Coaching’s research in positive psychology, education, and life coaching. She also coordinates interviews with professors and experts in the field, guest blogging, and speaking requests.

  • Amber Schlossmacher
    Amber Schlossmacher Enrollment coordinator
  • Kelly Brogan
    Kelly Brogan Program coordinator

Kelly Brogan

Kelly is the administrator for Academic Life Coaching. She handles payments, orders books and provides access to the training materials for each class. She’s the person to contact if you have any questions regarding the logistics for the classes as well as the next steps after you become a trained and certified Academic Life Coach.

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